Cabirio Cautela from Politecnico di Milano at FEUP

Cabirio Cautela is Phd in business management and Professor of Strategic Design at Politecnico di Milano. He is member of the Faculty of the International Master in Strategic Design of Politecnico di Milano. He yearly teaches at International Master of Unisinos (Porto Alegre – Brazil), of Architecture Faculty of Valparaiso (Chile), of Lantao & CIID (Pechino - Cina). He has coordinated the research team for the European Project EVAN and has worked as POLI.Design (a Consortium of Politecnico di Milano) researcher for many global companies. He is author of numerous international publications about strategic design and design management.

Professor Cautela is going to be at FEUP next October 28th to give as lecture to the students of the new Product Design Development programs and to discuss the partnership between FEUP and Milan Polytechnic on both courses : "From Market to Design" and "From Design to Bussiness".